SMART sign off :)

last monday (jan 13), i spent my last day at the office organizing stuff for the turnover, attending to my clearance requirements, packing up, and treating my officemates to pizza! hahaha

in fairness, it was a hard decision for me to treat everyone pizza being that i'm going to be poorita until my first payday at pointwest (which sadly got moved again! argh!) haha. nevertheless, it's gonna be the last time naman eh so no regrets. :)

mon, myka, sheila, me, mich, donita, and tina :)
with my farewell pizza haha

i will certainly miss smart for all the things it has taught me and most specially for the friends i've earned along the way! i will miss janine! naks ang sweet ko! hahaha i never thought i'd grow really close to this girl! she's my closest friend and teammate and i'll miss our harutans, asarans, lunchsss, and tawanans over random stuff! >X')

w/ janine
i will also miss mela and michael and all the lunches we spent tolerating each others' kacornyhan. hahaha

w/ mela 
i will miss my first boss and supervisor, sir ken, who patiently taught me perl and gave me pep talks and trivias. he's one of those higher-ups i don't mind being corny with and i treasure all the laughter we shared together! >XD he gave me a very thoughtful parting gift (the time keeper by mitch albom), now i'm thinking of attending albom's book signing at glorietta this feb! >XD

i will miss sir arian, my fateful second sup haha, the OCest boss i've ever served. now i can assure him no one's gonna mess with his magnets anymore! hahaha also sir rio, my manager whom i look up to a freakin lot, someday i'll be like him, perceptive and reliable! >XD

and of course, sa lahat ng nakatawanan ko, mamimiss ko silang lahat specially yung mga ka-area ko. yung mga nakakatawanan ko lang talaga mamimiss ko sorry. chaka pala yung mga suki ko sa load, at sa makeup! HAHA

to my ROC and FMS team mates! i will never forget them for being so fun! >XD

teryo, sir arian, layt, fred, ben, mela, feli, ronald, me :)
 in the next picture i specifically asked them to look sad kunyari kaso si feli ano eh! grar haha

aside from the people, i will also miss the pride that goes along with being a smart employee and a makati-girl naks haha, the many many employee perks, the lobby events, promos, freebies, the CR with bidet and kitchen-towel-quality tissue, my private cr at 23rd floor haha (seryoso! i'll miss the cr! esp during the many times my stomach has waged war on me, the cr for handicapped at the 23rd proved a silent refuge HAHA), and lastly, ate's chichaken, crinkles, and sweet corn! >XD

aw. haha ang dami kong mamimiss sana may makamiss din sakin hahahaha

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