some people, really.

DRAFT: 5-2-2013

i don't remember how and when it started but recently whenever i see you, i'm just filled with hate. or something more subtle than that, but nonetheless as bad. there are times when i want to work it out, be nice, engage in conversation like before, and be social, but every time i do, i feel like i'm being pushed away. tossed in a curb with a placard that says, "don't talk to us. you're not part of MY circle". i'd be damned why.

i don't understand why some people are so competitive even with being social. like it's so important to be the first to make friends with someone. to be the first one to crack the wittiest jokes. to be the first to create a social circle. and rule out anyone you didn't want in. i just don't understand why some people want to be QUEEN so much. 

i also don't understand some people who overthinks things too much. one small gesture and they exaggerate it as being oppressive. one snide look and they think they're being bullied. they always feel like the underdog whose job is to overthrow the queen. and most of the time they can't be taken seriously cos they blab too much fiction. like i do now.

some people, really.


UPDATE: 1-20-2014

ang sama ko. hindi ko na maalala kung sino to. -___-

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