Sony Xperia Z1 Compact - my dream phone (for now)

i'm about to tell you why i instantly fell in love with this phone, and why i'm going to save up for this no matter how long it takes hahaha

specs from gsmarena:

and if you don't mind taking note that this is not a review entry. i just want to let out my feelings for this piece of gadget that is yet to arrive in Philippines shores. 

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

specs that won me over:

- LTE enabled
even though i'm a sun user, i'm in high hopes that sun cellular will roll out 4G signals eventually. i mean, come on!!! >XD

- 4.3" screen
it's a pity that the market is being saturated with overly large phones, and if ever a small phone did emerge, it's either entry or mid level only. it's frustrating how the size of the phone has to be in proportion with its specs. urgh. but thank you Sony, you're a genius. my small hands will definitely marvel on this masterpiece!

- hardware camera key
isn't it frustrating how you can't get a decent selfie because you have to target that elusive button on your screen?

- 20.7 MP
just imagine the quality of photos you could take with that. Exmor + G Lens, i don't even know how good these specs are, but they sound superb haha

- the color selection!
white is perfect <3

- 2300 mAH battery
my current phone (lenovo p700i) has a big and heavy 2500 mAH battery that lasts me 2 days with regular use. this 2300 mAH may fall short at some point considering the specs specially with that camera and OS, but this is already good! other manufacturers are so stingy with loading their bats with enough power so i appreciate Sony for at least breaking the 2k norm.

- waterproof!
up to 1.5 meters in freshwater for 30mins. and yes! you could take underwater shots with it! >XD just mind the limitations yo.

- the processor/OS
qualcomm snapgragon, quad-core, 2.2ghz, 2g ram, andoid 4.3 jellybean
need i say more? okay fine, maybe octa-core will oust these specs in a few quarters but, for now this is what i consider the best for myself. hihi and hey that's already very very good!

- pin hole for lanyards or charms
something that's been missing in recent phones. a small feature that fits the size of the phone just well :)

specs that made me think

- built-in battery
sorry, you can't remove it. this made me think a bit, cos i'm not used to not being able to pull out the battery when my phone hangs. hmm

- micro-sim
i know the trend is going this way and eventually i'll have to cut my sim. but yeah, reluctant as i am about punching my sim for fear that it may break, i think i'm going for it anyway. given that my phone has to be this! haha i won't cut my sim if it's not the xperia z1 compact! no! haha

hay Lord, it's been a awhile since i lusted over a smartphone like this. i mean, okay Lenovo S820 fine, but i haven't made a feature post right? so i'm not as in love with it as i am with this phone right? haha

price check:

it's already out in other countries, and as per my ebay searches, converted amounts range from a whopping Php 34,000-40,000. so freaking expensive. anyway, we have yet to learn how much it's going to be worth when it lands in the Philippines. and because i'm so interested with this product, i asked Sony Philippines via fb if there's already an SRP for it.

they didn't give a price yet but said it will be available by the end of March. :)

orayt, let the saving begin!

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