5 Simple Tips for Making the Best First Impression on a Date

Disclaimer: this is a guest post.

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Undoubtedly, everyone searches for the universal formula in making a good first impression on a date. Finally, they find what they’ve been looking for, but there are too many people and too many different opinions about this issue. We offer you truly universal tips that can work with completely different ladies, even if you want to try dating Philippine women on pinalove. 1. Always be on time
In a modern world, we are taught to respect our time, especially if we are very busy persons. As years go by, we start to understand its immeasurable value. We make plans, arrange meetings, and keep eyes on clocks. But the rule of punctuality works everywhere, especially on dates.

What can tardiness tell about a person, if you see them the first time in your life? Surely, it is a sign of disrespect to your own time. Non-punctual people seem to be focused entirely on their own personalities. Simply put, they are egoists. The more time is passed since you’ve been waiting, the more reckless and disrespectful you will seem to your partner. Moreover, it makes a negative impression even before you see each other.

Therefore, make sure there will be no obstacles and time-consuming occupations on a day of your date. Plan everything in advance, go out a bit earlier than you need to avoid traffic jams. Just be on time – this is really the simplest thing you can do to impress her.

2. Take special care of your appearance
The way you look tells 80% of information about your personality. Laziness, creativity, lifestyle, taste – all these features can be read from your clothes and appearance.

It is not enough to dress the best clothes you have. This is, actually, the most obvious demand. They should be clean and well ironed. Prepare your clothes in advance so not to face an unpleasant surprise on a day of your date. Groom your beard and give it the best and neatest shape if it is dense. If you haven’t shaved for a week, get rid of this repulsive stubble. Also, cut your nails or get a professional manicure, take a shower, wash your hair. If you feel it’s time to have your hair cut, then visit a barbershop.

Many people claim that appearance is not the most important thing. For building a relationship, it's really not the primary person’s feature. However, when you see them first time, you cannot underestimate its power.

3. Shake hands
This tiny inconspicuous gesture has become a strong sign of good manners many years ago. There is a serious reason why shaking hands is considered mandatory in many cultures. It is a symbol of peace, a sign that two people have no evil intentions and they are open for building a relationship. Today, a rejection to shake hands is considered a huge humiliation, so you can understand the whole power of this ritual.

In many cultures, women accept shaking hands with men on a date as equals. It is more common for the western culture where women are more emancipated.

4. Avoid physical boundaries
It is very important to be close to your date, both physically (but not too much) and psychologically. Many dating coaches admit that any physical boundary between two people lowers the level of intimacy even if they meet for the first time. Such position is a certain message that explains you want to build a connection and understanding with your partner.

5. Maintain the eye contact
The most vivid sign of a confident and friendly person is the eye contact. With no words it demonstrates your openness and desire to make a connection. Moreover, you show your attention to your date. Finally, do not forget to smile also. These are the simplest steps to help you make the best impression in the very first minutes of your date.

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