Fibr: Home’s Most Powerful Broadband

I must agree that no matter how good a device is, without a powerful internet connection, you cannot fully enjoy it. And with the growing amount of stuff we do on the internet, the demand for more speed and less network traffic has become a priority for those who take abode online.

If you're an online junkie like me i'm sure you've witnessed how internet service providers have evolved time and time again to provide better connection to its users. from prepaid cards and dial-up modems, to wireless broadband, to DSL, to wifi, i'm sure we've all had a fancy tour of the information highway with them.

But here's the deal, PLDT has released a new product that will take your online experience to the skyway away from all the hassles of traffic! you read that right, we're not cruising on the good ol' highway anymore! this time, we'll be riding on Fibr: Home's Most Powerful Broadband.

And dear folks, to take you on a virtual tour of the amazing Fibr is Fib, a superhero i designed in the image and likeness of PLDT Fibr (or more appropriately, Flash!).

meet Fib! 
And just like Fibr, Fib has as a mean bunch of skills that will surely beat anyone who dares compete!

For one, she has super speed! and that's because of fiber optic technology. it's faster than the regular metal cables and delivers data with the highest integrity. oyeah!

Next, super multitasking, Fib can do a lot of stuff simultaneously without compromising quality and without ever breaking down. Talk about Fibr, you can browse multiple websites at once and be at peace that they will all load in a snap! boom!

VIP access to ClickPlay and Cignal: not all superheroes have access to the elite world of ClickPlay and Cignal, but Fib has! with her, you are privileged to stream blockbuster movies or browse TV channels right at the comfort of your homes! talk about sosyal! and with her super speed, buffering is out of her vocabulary. oha.

So what are you waiting for? call PLDT now!

Fibr, Home's Most Powerful Broadband, allows you to seamlessly and simultaneously experience the following:

1. Browing of multiple websites

2. Stream hundreds of blockbuster movies on-demand from Clickplay
3. Watch Cignal Digital TV Channels
4. Available now in over 800 fiber-powered villages nationwide
5. Visit or call 101-FIBR (3427) for more details


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