sonata strings

i forgot to mention that i recorded 4 songs from last night's mini concert. :) grabe, i can just sit here all day and listen to them even with the mall noise. they played my valentine, one sunny day at the street, perdido and something else. yeah, i was peeking behind the music sheets. galing nga eh, one piece per page lang yung book nila pero mga 4minutes yung performance. haha memorize hahaha.

:) too bad cos they don't have an album. i also learned that the guy who plays the violin also plays the cello. cool. and the pianist works with strings too. eh malamang. i want to learn the violin! lol

babalik ako don! hoping na kahit wla na cla don eh at least bka may ibang banda naman. hahaha :D
i bookmarked that place (kc hindi ko kabisado trinoma, sino ba?), sa gitna ng Zara, Beauty Bar and Lacoste. yay.

terai, ang tagal moooo. bulok na bulok na ko dito. ~__~;;

gusto ko na umalis. hmp =\

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