looking forward

watda! i ironed out my sister's hair for almost an hour! my arms hurt. -__-;; hello hagrid?
anyway, ok laaaang cos she promised to go purple hunting with me tomorrow at trinoma. wanna? tara tara! :D i still have no idea what to do there, but i don't care! i'll learn when i get there! haha i want the frkn purple donut eh. and the purple shirt (kung sswertehin). haha

most probably, well be there as early as 10am! haha my parents are gonna drop us off at the mall after church (na nasa harap lng ng sm north lol)

ahahaha, hindi ko favorite ang purple. :) i just want to try how it works!

i feel bad for purple nga eh. now that yahoo has given it ultra special attention and promotion, tiyak it'll be everyone's favorite color soon. tsk tsk. nako, i hate the bandwagon.

so far...

kanina we went to the gym. nako talaga, i'm hopeless. i just did a short round at the treadmill (15 mins, FTW) tapos nagkape na lang ako and preoccupied myself with the newspaper. in fairness, i checked my weight and i already lost 3lbs. ironic. sobra. bka sira ung scale or someone calibrated it the wrong way. haha incredible, bro.

sana...SANA masaya bukas! :D

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