medium fries

hurray for another fruit of thy boredom (+hunger+impatience+lack of self control)
awhile ago at mcdonalds, el pueblo, ortigas.

sa likod nung paper na nasa tray, the usual! :D

the smoking area at mcdonald's awhile ago was tempting.

well i didn't have any cigarette with me but if there were vendors outside, i sure would've get myself a stick.

this is probably the demon talking, cos i don't have enough issues to consider smoking. i'm not on a diet so i don't need to kill my appetite. i'm also not problematic enough to seek the comforts of nicotine. but why???

am i so curious?
until now, the interest isn't leaving me.

smoking is evil. i know.
but somehow, i wanna try.


ETA: OK. I WILL NOT SMOKE. SUPER SORRY LORD for letting the demon talk its way here.

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