really, if not for ANIME, i wouldn't have real friends.

this afternoon, i went out with ate theresa (my mom's secretary)  to commonwealth market because i badly want a new pair of jeans and that's the nearest and cheapest place i could think of, besides ever gotesco and FCM hahaha. ang dami ko kasing pera ngayon eh, poknat.

and voila! i was able to buy new pants! yehey! :D my uniform won't be out till next week, and i'm running out of pants already. i was never a fan of jeans when i was in elbi, i just wear crappy house clothes to my classes, kaya naman wa effort akong magupdate ng closet, the only time i get to buy new clothes is when my mom pities me already because of my worn out fashion sense. but anyway, after buying jeans...i accompanied her around the fish area (my parents have clients there) then, we ate! haha kakagutom magsukat ng jeans eh, tiangge tiangge lang kasi yun. kaya naman nakaubos kami ng tig-isang softdrinks, donut chaka isaw. isaw. isaaaaaaw, na i super missed! i can remember the last time i ate isaw was around elbi pa yun ha.

sobrang bitin yung isaw, takte. nasa overpass na kami nung nagsisi ako kung bakit isa lang binili ko.
tapos, while in the jeep she told me there was a store in FCM which sells old books at a very cheap price, so go go go naman ako. the store was called Family Station (2nd flr, FCM) and indeed, there were a lot of books! pero nothing caught my interest! kakaiba nga eh, the store sells the most random objects from old books to japanese dolls and old mcdonald's happy meal toys. tapos there were furnitures, appliances, stuffed toys and BAGS AND SHOES.

why caps?
because they're all signature items. well, almost all of them. i was madly checking out the shoes cos they look so great and so original (and so second hand din haha) and the bags were equally amazing. sa sobrang tuwa ko, i bought myself a new bag. hahaha, sana may brand no? kaso wala pero maganda naman...simple lang. casual. tapos, there were BOOTS too.

no, they just fascinate me but i don't really like wearing boots. hehe.

oh, and there were loooots of mini doraemon toys there, i promise to buy like 5 of them someday. hahahaha

so eto, ok naman :)

PS. i topped our itfunda reci awhile ago! yehey for the 3rd time! :D

PS2: really, if not for ANIME, i think wouldn't have friends for the entire schoolyear. hello classmates! XD (this also applies to gradeschool and highschool and well, buong buhay ko pala haha)

PS3: there's this guy in class who's really mean. ~__~ asdhjgftreqw!!! he's too racist! yeah, he was joking but who the hell cares about it? stop it with the jews dammit.

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