lakwatserang virus, nagsschool hopping

would you believe i'm actually reading my programming notes? haha
i don't either. e kaso i didn't get most of our lesson today eh haha

after class, dahil wala akong kasabay pauwi, nagpasundo na lang ako. haha buti may tao sa bahay... :D i wouldn't mind walking but i realized i have a date with my bestfriend, karla, today so i can't be late or else sagot ko ang popcorn. haha

we went to trinoma and ate lunch at world chicken. first time! big servings! cheap pa! kinda undercooked chicken pero sobrang sarap, at dami!!! super sulit lalo na kung nag-fasting ka ng tatlong araw, otherwise...hindi mo mauubos lahat. like us.

since 4pm pa yung showing ng angels and demons, we strolled around first. went here and there, walked everywhere and ate ice cream. tapos... movie time!

the movie was great! i liked it, especially the bespectacled villain and the camerlango (in short, i loved all the villains). wth, i cried! but at the end of the movie i realized that my tears were aaaaall in vain. hay.


haynako. immarathon ko muna yung harry potters 1-5 before i watch the 6th installment, sobrang limot ko na because of the fanfics i read.... chaka yung fake harry potter na nadownload ko years ago di ko makalimutan kasi maganda rin sha, so much for a fake. sobrang na-confuse tuloy ako.


i'm happy today, not just because of our movie date.

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