shet! the h1n1 virus is spreading so quickly! grabe there's already quite a number of cases in metro manila and now CALAMBA DOCTOR'S HOSPITAL has it?!?!?!? fffffuuuuck! -____-;; yes. i'm getting scared because I'M SICK too!!! though this is probably not a virus pero i'm still sick so i can't say for certain. lol

i wish i could rely on forwarded text messages, but they don't seem that credible! sana hindi totoo yung sa calamba.

this is certainly getting serious.
i mean, will this wipe out the planet earth?? LOL
disgusting. this is not how i want to see the world conquered. killing is not part of my plot for world domination. hmp

i read somewhere that the h1n1 case is already at its peak, meaning after we get over this... the next phase will be post peak, then eventually it will regress into a seaasonal epidemic or something. hehe that's good to hear.

aynako, i've been thinking of this one person for 2 days now.

hey. last night, i dreamt about erika! i asked her if she's angry at me and she said, "yes! i'm angry at you for not keeping in touch for so many years!" and i apologized and said, "but heeey, i'm always online naman! i comment on your DA but you're ignoring me!" then, i apologized more and hugged her. then, we're ok! :D

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