fair enough

this day, after a three-hour recharge after lunch, i came with my parents somewhere in project 2. after the unsuccessful trip, we headed to trinoma to look for clothes. i was supposed to get my 2 friends their yahoo purple shirt already but there were no more sizes available except for men's large. so i decided to just come back tomorrow. so tomorrow, i'll be back at trinoma, with my friend dan who wants to try purple hunting. haha

btw, freakin cool day cos my friend above brought his car to school so after class i was able to get a free ride, along with 2 other classmates. haha thanks bro. :D cool, that's a first for guy.

bragging rights yet again. i topped the reci and quiz! yay :D

tomorrow. irdk.

full sched ahead.
my parents already filled my whole friday afternoon and my whole saturday for this meeting, this seminar and this licensure exam.

the only thing i like about it is that i get to go out, which is very shallow. oh, i also like dressing up like a working lady! :) suits me well cos i already look older that i do biologically.

giiiirl. i don't know what's up with you but i hope my assumptions are wrong. but damn for the record, i've never been wrong when it comes to matters like these. i hope he's not the one. being on denial proves something. i hope you don't like him like that. cos i like him! and it's making me jealous. :(


hanging out is different from dating right? yeah, that must be cleared. cos hanging out is going out with a friend and dating is going out with someone you like, or likes you, or vice versa. it doesn't have to be a mutal thing though, haha dating isn't exclusive only to people who like each other. it's for people who want to try out if something's gonna work out with the two of them. at least one of them must have professed his/her intentions before calling it a date. otherwise, you're simply hanging out, fools.

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