yahoo purple hunt tour (or more appropriately, yahoo CHALK MAG hunt tour)

pictures at my multiply :)

ang aga namin sa trinoma tapos when i got to the cinema area, nawindang ako sa dami ng tao! parang, 'watda?! ganito ka-sikat ang purple hunt?'

tapos biglang, "kordero ng Diyoooos, na nag-aaaliiiiis...."

bobo. may misa pala.

i thought the yahoo purple crew will be at trinoma today but noooo, bobong bata, hindi binabasa yung email. they're still at glorietta! hanggang bukas sila don.

kaya naman...for the second time this week... i went to ayala. -____-;; super fast lang nung yahoo purple go there with your printed purple ticket (or register on the spot--they have laptops there), get your freebies (a purplized krispy kreme donut and a rubix cube. if you registered via mobile phone, you get a lanyard instead + the donut parin) and participate in any of the activities they have! :)

we did all of them (xept for the Surf and Lounge Laptop Station... onti lang naman un eh)

* Find Purple Game Wall - madali lang naman. you just have to look for some items dun sa game wall in 30 secs. prizes: 1 item found = notepad, 2= highlighter, 3 = tote bag and 4=usb fan. i won a tote bag, terai got a highlighter. akin na yun pareho. hahaha

* Purplize Yourself Photo Booth - eto fun! you get to have your picture taken in front of the purple backdrop by a pro photog. you can wear their purple stuff and accessories... tapos ipprint nila right there yung pic and they'll give it to you...they'll also upload it to flickr. pero dahil hindi pa nila nauupload, i scanned the pic na lang (overlaid via ps7). haha atat.

* Purple Graffiti Wall - here's a place where you can write/draw whatever. graffiti nga o. e katya lang yun eh! tapos parang crayola lang yung marker. hahaha si kuya tlga, dakilang assumero.

"aba o! kaliwete o! pag mga kaliwete magagaling magdrawing! ayan o, o! o! galing o! Y palang yan o!"

talaga naman kuya! hindi ako maka-bwelo sayo eh. haha whatever.


hindi donut ang pinunta ko dun. hindi rin yung tote bag, highlighter, rubix cube, sticker, not even the picture. yung SHIRT (yahoo purple hunt limited edition shirt DAW) tlga yung pinunta ko don. then i found out na i have to buy the june 09 edition of chalk mag (bianca, marielle, and toni on cover) in oder to get the coupon inside which will entitle me to the shirt. so i went to look for the magazine.

my gaaaaahd!!! chalk is nowhere to be found in that area! sobrang inaswang yung paa ko sa kakahanap ng bookstore/mag stalls na meron. haha tough luck! sold out lahaaaaaat! galing na ko sa filbars, nbs, fully booked, powerbooks, magnet...naikot ko na buong sm, glorietta, landmark, greenbelt pero wala parin.

eh desperada na ko. so i rode the mrt back to SHAW, kasi yung pinakamalapit at pinakafamiliar na place na pwede kong huntingan ng chalk mag. of all mags, why chalk??? pwede naman T3 or PC buyers guide? why chaaaaalk?!?! heh.

buti na lang, i was able to find one at nbs - shang plaza. nakow, LAST ONE on stock mga mare. haha chalk yta yung may limited edition eh, hindi yung shirt.

tapusin ko na kya to no? in short...nakuha ko yun shirt!


to know more about the Yahoo Purple Hunt, go to
Yahoo Philippines and click the purple hunt banner on top OR
read this entry here

ehem. grounded na ko for reaaal, pare! ayaw na ko payagan lumabas unless kasama sila parents. haha ok cge. sama ko bukas sa greenhills. lol

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