no metal fan

hindi ako palabiro but i hate people who can't take a joke (or two?). ~_~;
today was effin boring, our teacher didn't come to school so we all left. while waiting for my dad i hung out with some of my classmates.

i just don't get it.
magkakaiba kami ng trip. :\ most of the time, i'd rather be alone than try to fit in.
especially with this guy who loves metal. i kinda pissed him off when i said i thought ac/dc means anti christ devil's child. he was insulted. well, sorry! that was the first thing i read about it, it's not like it's super popular here. maybe i'll read the storyline of DMC to make it up to you. not the manga please. and gawd, you don't have to say you hate me and almost wanted to curse at me for being judgmental. do you even know what that means?!?! i was being ignorant, not judgmental. jerk! ang sakit mo magsalita!

i was mentally racking my brain for possible explanations, clearly, i've never met a guy like you. ehem. that was a bit petty, i know. sensitive eh.

metal and classical music clash like hell.

i don't think i'll ever make it big in the social ladder. ftw, i only enjoy talking to 1 person, or 2...okay, 3. either simultaneously or whatever. i'm too old to be too friendly. i'm not even naturally friendly. i just hate being alone but i don't like to be in big groups. just one friend is enough for me. just one! (or 2? sige, 3.) ~_~;

i won't talk from now on.
silent mode! heh

oh right, will be at greenhills later.
i mean, now na. bye :D

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