i am legend

sorry naman! matagal na to diba? hahaha at least clear copy :)

the trailer got me in tears, especially when robert's (will smith) dog died. but as i finished the movie i was kinda disappointed! eh kasi naman i though he's going to be the only human survivor in the planet, aaaaall throughout the movie. tapos dumating yung girl and little boy. wala na. nasira yung expectations ko. well, i wanted it to have a more dramatic ending na parang during the almost final scene where the infected people are attacking him, he's going to inject the cure into his body and sacrifice himself para pag kinain na sha nung mga infected peeps, makakain rin nila yung cure then eventually gagaling sila...tapos... yun! tapos. shempre assuming na he's the only uninfected human survivor at wala yung girl and little boy. odba, mas heroic. talaga namang he is legend kung ganon.

hehe, shempre disappointing pag feeling mo mas maganda yung ending na naformulate mo on your own. hmm..

currently: doing a flowchart of the bs cs curriculum

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