giving up on the purple hunt

the first item was the one i was looking forward on winning but i guess, may nakakuha na! :( dahil dyan, i won't play anymore! haha besides, it's slowing up this pc like hell. the page takes gazillion years to load! and quite honestly, the whole purple project doesn't seem popular enough for me.

and the yahoo purple hunt group is flooding my mailbox like crazy! buti na lang it was helpful leeching out on their entries, i found the exact location of the canon digicam but nothing happens when i click "claim your prize!" k, fine!

fuck the wait!
major minus points for cursing and smoking and being overly outdoors like i have no life.
really, i'm doing this because of you so get your ass moving and talk to me! utang na loob.

whew. be calm, yan. be calm. lol

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