yosi. kape. dyaryo

since class was utterly uneventful awhile ago, i came with my sister to greenhills. interview nanaman! haha. so while she's at it, i went to greenhills shopping center muna. wait, i was with my dad...pero i left him! haha ayoko nga ng may kasama. hehe. bantay sarado, ^%$#@!$%!

anyway. for the first time in more than x years...i smoked. just for the heck of it, cos the place is a smokers' pit and i found myself trembling in the cold. i was walking outside the mall when i found fitness first, nagsisi ako. edi sana nagkape na lang ako! ~_~; so there, i finished the stick outside the gym and bought a mouthwash! lol, patay lang naman ako sa tatay ko pag amoy yosi ako diba? may nakisindi pa ngang lasalista sakin eh, shempre ako naman, sure! (na may halong kaba...swine flu?! haha greenhills nga pla, tange).

clearly. curiosity builds the worst habit.
i remember, my roommate back in the dorm also smokes. but hers has a pleasant strawberry smell kaya naman kahit bagong gising ako at mausok sa kwarto, ok naman. haha

tomorrow...trinoma! haha secret lang! i have to get my 2 friends their purple hunt tshirt. hahaha

go go go! tara? :) la pa kong kasama! :D

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