how could i fail so much doing something i like?

my other classmates have already been notified that they passed the test! :( i haven't received anything yet. which sucks because i was hoping to get in and finally have something better to do than sleep the whole afternoon and spend every night online. oh well.

i miss meg cabot and her hillariously dumb writing. i didn't mean dumb as bane. as you can see, i like writing dumb... excessively at that. and apparently, school isn't as interesting as they were during the first few weeks. it's becoming dragging. i wish i had something better to do than listen to teachers who can't keep their math (and english) straight.

i miss talking sense. i've always been a lover of nonsense but i try to keep my sanity intact by talking to at least one person whom i regard to as wise and mature. i had my eyes on someone, but he totally proved me wrong. now i'm all about leeching on Paulo Coelho's online newsletter. pathetic.

experience still tops the hunt.

i wish i was back in UPLB.

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