nightlife sa LB, netlife sa QC

taena. typing maniac on facebook is super frustrating. T_T;


@ - went to school to try out as illustrator for the school paper. hope to get in, i'm dying to do something productive this term. please. :( they made us draw anything about FERN. you know what's the problem with that? EVERYTHING. anything is already to too broad, and 'anything about FERN' didn't strike any of my creative nerves. so i ended up doing the usual crap that i do, with the school's unofficial logo as base and my favorite abstract randomness. i doubt anyone would get it. T_T;

@ - i sat beside the jeepney driver awhile ago. at first i thought it was a bad idea cos not a minute after he started the engine, he started talking and commenting about this beggar who asked for money to buy her sick child some medicine. he said if only the beggar presented proof like a doctor's prescription, he would've given her 100 pesos wholeheartedly. i wasn't in the mood to talk, but i listened. until he came to this story where he gave 1,000 pesos to a father and his child who's rushing to the hospital because his wife is under labor... nagising ako bigla, "ISANG LIBO?!?!" and the driver laughed. "natutulog ka na kasi eh, mahirap sa driver yung may katabing tulog. bka makatulog din ako..."

what the fck, kuya. i'm on bloody crap right now, i want to sleep. >___<;


sa totoo lang, ayoko ng araw na to. :P
hindi parin ako fully recovered e, papunta pa lang don. i need to spend more time with you para masabi ko sa sarili ko na, "finally!"

e pano??? nasa QC ako!! tae. kung pwede lang lumipad dyan e. sa totoo lang, mas sumama yta ako nung lumipat ako. natuto akong mag-yosi. pota. BI kung BI. ang mahalaga, pumapasa. wala nito sa LB, BI o hindi bagsak lahat. edi magpaka-BI ka na lang. masaya ka pa. kasama mo buong mundo.

and you know what, sa mga ganitong pagkakataon ko tlga gustong makasama ang mga kaibigang naiwan ko sa UPLB. wala akong nightlife dito. net-life lang.

ano ba. FEU-fern is sucking up all my youth and i hate it. ~__~;

kelangan ko ng crush. -_____-;

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