still purple hunting

and i thought i already quit last week. hahaha e kasi naman, i can't help figuring out the answers. :) so far i've registered completely for all 3 camera locations. mejo illogical pa nga eh, they want us to "Guess the Location of the Canon Digital IXUS Camera and Stand a Chance to Win It!" when in fact, the camera is not there. loose concept. ~_~;;

and because i only have one yahoo account i had to use other people's emails to have more chances of winning. 5 accounts so far, kay daddy, mommy, ate ko, pati secretary ni mommy. email mo na lang wala! :) peram ng email! :D :D :D ako naman sasagot e! :D :D

and because the submission of answers for the first two cameras has already ended, i guess it's safe to give the answers na.

camera #1: 2nd level greenbelt mall 1
camera #2: 1142 g masangkay street santa cruz manila

really, just by leeching out on flickr comments and the yahoo groups -- you won't go wrong.

good luck.

ETA: to those who stumbled upon this entry via google/yahoo search (accdg to stats), i won't put your mouse click in vain. i can help you out if you're having trouble with the clues or with the way things are running at the purple hunt. heck, i can even give you the answer -- kay, that was being too generous, BUT i will help. just PM me (y!m is best: ulquiorra_murcielago), or leave me with your email add or something so i can get back to you asap. :)

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