i still weigh the same

[CGN Diet] Week 1 - Day 3

maybe it's too early to expect anything from this program... i'm only on day 3 and my food for this day was blessed with so much salt... i like salty. i dunno if it's good to shower my food with too much salt hahaha but it helps me appreciate the taste better. not that it's bad naman haha

hey but for some reason, since day 1 i never craved for rice! even if my family is feasting on fried rice and fish, i never even craved. this is kindofa milestone for me. hahaha

breakfast: chauchard tea, ground chicken with tomato and onion, choco oatmeal, soy milk, lettuce caesar salad
lunch: lettuce salad with tofu, homemade beef patty with onion/celery/carrots, cheese, chauchard tea
snack: apple, dark chocolate
dinner: lettuce salad, fish, pineapple juice, tea

weight: still 62 kg

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