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[CGN Diet] Week 1 - Day 2

i dunno, but i feel like i'm cheating so much with this diet! haha i do believe that dieting is not about starving yourself but eating just the right foods for your body. but well, i think i'm eating the right foods naman... just the wrong amount... i uhm, eat a lot of servings! specially the main courses like chicken and beef. and instead of the recommended homemade vinaigrette, i use caesar salad dressing hahaha eh ansarap eh. haha anyway, here's what i ate yesterday haha

breakfast: scrambled edd with onion, choco oatmeal, soy milk, lettuce/pipino/tomato caesar salad, chauchard tea
lunch: steamed carrots/kalabasa/sayote, beef steak, pineapple juice, green tea
snack: peanuts, dark choco
dinner: caesar salad, green tea, moniegold chewable tamarind candy on the sides

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