yeyy! i won free tickets to Oz!

yeheyyy! i won 4 tickets to a special movie screening of Oz the Great and Powerful! plus a bonus raffle entry to win a Lumia phone! nah, not counting on it! i really just joined for the tickets! >XD uhm, no actually i joined because i'm a promo freak. but none of those contests with criterias like most creative, most pretentious, most comments and most something blah haha. just those i can manage... like first something. hahaha

anyhow. looking forward to this! superthanks to these great people for making this possible! 
Nuffnang Philippines for the great opportunity!
and of course, Nokia and Abensons for sponsoring this great event! cheeers! >XD i'm so happy because.. i dunno. haha there's really no reason not to. >XD

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