Chrono-geno-nutrition diet blah

in a desperate attempt to lose weight, i kinda bit into this deal i saw at hahaha

i'm planning on starting this monday but i realized i'm too broke to afford the meal plans they recommended for my "chrono-geno type". i don't even know if i can afford the entire thing. and i found that i can download an almost exact diet plan FOR FREE, if only i just searched around the web before falling into this trap. haynako.

i appreciate the entire plan. in fact i believe it really works. but i guess they forgot to consider asking in their surveys (yes they let you fill out a survey which will determine the diet plan that best suits you) two of the most crucial things any "dieter" would consider in taking such a deal...

1) they didn't ask HOW MUCH MONEY someone is willing to shell out in order to follow their diet plan. a groceries worth for their meal plans cost 1-2k already. AND I FRKN DON'T HAVE THAT MUCH MONEY FOR FOOD. if that's the case i could just starve myself to my desired beach body but heck i already tried and it didn't work. haha

2) they didn't ask HOW MUCH TIME someone can dedicate to preparing all those crazy recipes. crazy in a point of view of someone who doesn't regularly cook and is unfamiliar with the entirety of the plant species available at the grocery. see, the only time i allot for breakfast is 30 minutes and that consist of eating alone. 

yes yes. i'm complaining right now cos i feel like i just wasted 990 pesos for something i can't even put my head into. i'm too busy and poor.

yeah right yeah right. i'll see what i can do. i wonder if replacing almost 70% of the ingredients with cheaper and more common ones will help. >:P

gawd, i wish i just enrolled myself in a sports clinic though. grr

i just probably need some motivation right? like money? >:7

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