thank you, pastor!

one morning while i was eating breakfast (somewhere between this week), my mom told me that pastor rutti morata (or pastor ro-te as we call him), has passed away. it was a shocking moment, i knew he was sick and confined and needed lots of financial aid recently, but i didn't expect that his illness was that critical. i don't even know what it is he suffered from. >:'( i felt really sad, he's very close to the family, you know like if there's a family doctor, he's our family pastor. my parents make it a point to always invite him on every special occasion we're celebrating. he has blessed our house and has prayed over our family a lot of times. he was someone who contributed a freaking lot to our family's spiritual life. and most importantly for me, he taught me how to play the piano better so i can serve God. he taught me how to read piano chords and encouraged me to be part of their music ministry. and i was, until i became too busy.  >:'( he taught me how to play the guitar. >:'(

he might have lived a short life but in that span, i'm sure he has maximized his days serving the Lord like no other. his death only marks the rise of all the churches he has planted. i also know that God will not leave his family feeling abandoned but rather they will feel more comfortable knowing that their beloved's soul is now up and secured. <3

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