when all fingers point to one

the boston marathon explosion.
i bet they're going to put all the blame on the arabs again. >:(
warning: conspiracy theory ahead

so i just heard of this conspiracy, thanks to my boss, about the US's economy centering majorly and secretly on manufacturing weapons. tough business right? seems like something only a tony stark can handle. and just how is an ammo business profitable when there's no war? it's not! so for it to sell out, there's a need to create an environment were weapons are a necessity. war. it's a hype that will never go out of season, because there's a country to make sure their weapons industry remain steady.

and just like that, our world will be on a never ending war, thanks to those who profit from it. i was so close to believing that this is all about the US wanting to conquer the middle east to get everything they need to rule the world. i was so close to believing that the middle east is actually the victim of all this terrorist attacks because the US planted them for their nation to take the blame. so they could have all the reasons to aim nukes and ship soldiers to die and hunt for some osama bin laden as a front, then kill sadam hussein behind the scenes. i was so close to believing how it seemed so plausible that it's the US responsible for creating conflict around the world, so they would have a means to sell their weapons and wreak havoc, all while appearing to be the hero who stands beside the poor countries when they're being bullied. they would  lend their soldiers, loan their weapons, then take your land out of a debt they know you can't pay.

i all looked so real to me. except that it's just a game, ever heard of Metal Gear?

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