ADVENTURE TIME: Iron Man 3 @ Newport Cinema, Resorts World

i was so excited when nuffnang announced a contest to win 2 tickets for a special screening of Iron man 3 this friday at Newport Cinema, Resorts World! nakakatawa pa cos i was in the middle of debugging some shiz at work when i received the email. stressed na ko non kasi mega delayed na ung project na yon, tas biglang ung contest pala ay for first 80 bloggers lang! lalo akong nastress! 

i was connected to the internet naman pero with restrictions (in short, blogger is blocked!) so uhm, in short... just to make sure that i get into the first 80, i disconnected from work... FOR AWHILE. it wasn't so hard for me to boast about sun cell postpaid naman cos i'm a subscriber as well! anyway, to make (the first part of) the long story short, i won!

it's actually a pretty cool week for me, aside from winning free iron man 3 tickets, i also won a buffet meal at Vikings from so the plan was to bring jeckie to iron man, and bring terai to Vikings. para well distributed ang blessings! haha

unfortunately, jeckie can't make it to iron man 3 with me that night. so in such a short notice, i called my sister to meet me at our office in makati so we could both ride Resort World's FREE SHUTTLE!!! hahaha mega research talaga ko ng ways to commute to Resorts World, eventually i found na they have free shuttles naman pala at various points in the metro! it was very late na, mga 6:30pm and we're planning to catch the 6:45 shuttle at Paseo Center. kaso when we got there, PUNO NA!!!

oh my. registration closes at 7:45 and all the taxis are full. take note that it's also a friday night haha. sa kakalakad namin pabalik kung san most probably may vacant taxi pa, umabot kami sa McDonald's Valero where there's another RW shuttle scheduled to leave at 7:15. when i got there, di pa full! so lucky! but when i asked the driver, may priority seating pala! members first policy. huhu and since we're not members, we were asked to wait until 5 mins before departure at kung may vacant pa, gorabels kami.

and by God, 5 minutes before leaving, may vacant pa nga!!! KASO ISA LANG!!! oh no. BUTI NA LANG the last group of passengers have 2 kids with them so naki-usap na lang ako (with the driver's permission shempre) if they could kandong kahit isang kid lang so we could all fit. buti na lang the member was really kind sabi nya, "okay lang basta makasakay kami lahat". so go! i told the driver na pumayag na yung isang family so finally, he let us sign dun sa log sheet.

but that's not the end of the story pa, pasakay na kami ng van when suddenly 3 more members came, all wanting to get a ride of course. and what's worse is they have VOUCHERS (apparently more powerful than a membership card) pa! also, meron pala silang isang kasama na nasa loob na, just waiting for them.

we were so nervous. i thought mapapaalis pa kami. buti na lang and super thank God kasi in the end, the one passenger waiting for them inside got out the van and joined them na lang (na mag taxi). so now, dahil may umalis na isa, kasya na kaming lahat with the kids and all. no kandong needed! yeheyy! hahaha ang galing lang ni Lord! >XD the ride was super fast and peaceful kasi ba naman nag skyway! hihi

eh first time namin ni terai sa Resorts World so mejo ala promdi kami. wow dito wow doon. i mean, honestly there's nothing really architecturally impressive about Resorts World but that's until we got inside the mall! sobrang posh lang! hahaha

at dahil dyan, iron man 3!

terai and i under a well lit mejo secluded area para di obvious ang vanity. haha
cinema 2! popcorn and drinks all set for everyone!
after the show i was like, "so, how do we get home?"

haha i checked online for the shuttle schedule bound to McDo Q.Ave, and found that it's leaving by 11pm and next ride is at 12mn. eh kakalabas lang namin ng 11. so we took the chance to register as RW members para libre na sa shuttle haha. free registration naman sila aaaand agad agad mabibigay ung ID as long as you presented a valid gov't ID (i didn't so temp ID lang sakin) so, we waited until 12mn for the shuttle! kahit na matagal, libre naman! >XD i also learned from one of the drivers there that the VOUCHER is given to those who played at the casino. kaya naman pala high priority sa shuttle hehe. so in order of priority: voucher, member, non-member (chance passenger).

that's all. thank you. bow. >XD

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