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if you were to star in your own movie, what would your story be?

that's a question that made me recall all of the many many stories i've plotted in my head before back when my mind was still full of imagination hahaha. if i were to star in my own movie, i wouldn't turn it into some kind of autobiography of how awesome i am. surely, my life as it is would barely generate a decent script. instead i'll brew it into some kind of a twisted (or tragic?) romance comedy that goes like this (note that this is entirely fictional and has nothing to do with my real life hahaha either way, ako bida!) ...

meet grace, a very smart and hard working university student, struggling to get a degree in chemistry. she's often told to quit being so buried in her books and for once, get a life, hang out with a few friends and meet someone. but she just won't. people wouldn't normally come to her because most of them think she's crazy. she herself admits to being detached to the real world, but that's only because she prefers to live that way. 

until she met daniel, a good looking, happy-go-lucky fellow student who wouldn't leave her alone for who knows what reason. turns out he's in one of her classes and is showing some kind of interest in her. eventually, he got into her. they became good friends and did a lot of fun things together. he taught her how to loosen up, and she welcomed him in her world, influencing her in a way she hasn't felt before. for the first time in her life, she's in love. 

to make the long story short, they both fell for each other. but even though a lot has changed about her lifestyle, it seems like there's still something lacking. no one seems to notice. one day she brought daniel up to her parents' house to introduce him, and this is where the conflict arises.

"honey, we don't see anyone." her mom said. walking up to her, brows knit in worried confusion. 

"but ma, he's here!" grace insisted, "tell them, daniel!" tugging on his shirt. her mother who was beside her heaved a nervous sigh as she sees her daughter getting frustrated over something... unseen. 

she was immediately discharged from school and was taken into rehab. her designated psychiatrist would do rounds of interviews about her relationship with daniel. during these times, they never saw each other, and  grace would get bad headaches contemplating which part of her life is real and which is not. but even so, grace would write to daniel every week through mail. holding on to that hope that they'll still see each other after everything is over. but two years has passed and she never got a reply. 

after a lot of conditioning with the doctors, her parents and herself, it was time for her to decide if she wanted to let go of his memories and live a normal life.

so what do you think, will she? if you were in grace's position, and you found out that half the life you're happily living is brought about by a mental disorder, would you still want to let go?

hirap ba? popcorn ka muna. try mo mag-kettle korn, yung cheese. siguradong mae-enjoy mo magmuni-muni. sa sobrang sarap baka mapa-isip ka pa nga kung totoo ba yang popcorn na kinakain mo? o bunga lang ng imahinasyon mo? pero yung totoo, tunay yan. sarap no? :)


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