halfway through The Fault in our Stars by John Green

i'm halfway! i'm halfway! this is probably the farthest i've gone reading ever since i started working, and that's almost a year ago already (btw, i'm nearing my 1st year anniv as a working girl!). i'm even afraid to share it too early cos i feel like this blog curses my reading sessions whenever i share about em, making me not finish the book at all. anyway, the illustration above is really cute, right? >XD credits to whoever made it!

a lot of people have been raving about this, so i thought i'd download an ebook. and so far, so great! i thought it was just another flick but on the first few pages i already wanted to cry. not because of what i read but because of what i could be reading soon... say, a hundred pages from now. i have a tendency to predict flicks, but they don't necessarily make me expect anything. it's just that what i've predicted makes me want to read further and further until i give justice to my premature tears. okay, that's actually an expectation haha.

i'm a fan of tragedy, what can i do? not that i want it to be tragic, but that's how i imagined it to end anyway. hehe

246 pages more! >XD

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