dream summer trip #1

my family isn't the adventurous type. di talaga namin peg mag-outing outing siguro dahil na rin sa my parents are both too busy on their work and they can't afford to be away from the metro for long. me and my sister are too maarte and kuripot na we'd rather go to the mall and make pasasa sa aircon instead of magbabad sa araw and get an ugly tan after. besides, we don't have beach bodies to flaunt so we never thought of going to the beach as rewarding and fun.

but i always tell myself na one day, makakapag-boracay din ako. and i want it during the cold season where there's not much people in the beach and off-peak para mura. i'm content with just me and sister! one day i promise to bring her there! >XD just the two of us para di hassle! it's gonna be loads of fun! >XD

so after all this isn't a dream summer trip but err a dream trip lang hahaha

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