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If you had the powers of MAN OF STEEL for one (1) week, how would you use it?

looking up on google, we have:
flight, invulnerability, superhuman strength, superhuman speed, super vision, super-hearing, super breath (including freeze breath), eidetic (whut?) memory, longevity, super olfaction (whut??), enhanced lung capacity, telekinesis, etc. (thanks wiki!)

but in the movie, MAN OF STEEL's most prominent superpowers appear to be:
flight, super strength and super speed

so going back to the question, if i had that mean bunch of god-like powers (referring to the 2nd list) for a week, how would i use it?

almost everyone wants to be that good 'ol selfless superhero who peeks his head into every social issue, protects the poor, chases criminals, saves the distressed damsel, etc. but seriously, that is too good to be true. one can't simply be too good and not puke (even spiderman turned black). sorry, let's bite into reality and realize that the question at hand is actually a personal question and not something you'd most definitely fake to earn a miss universe crown (or two movie tickets to a blocked screening of Man of Steel hihi)

i'll be honest. i'm not a bad person. just a selfish one. i can't afford to be superhero for a week, just imagine the grief it would cause everyone when i'm ripped off of my temporary superness! they'd be devastated! and i'll be shamed for the rest of my life as someone not worthy enough of permanent greatness. ugh, can't take that. lol

in other words (did my long intro kill you?), my 7-days trial of being a superhuman will all go to exploiting it for my personal benefit, none of those hypocritical causes of saving the world from eternal damnation and terrorism, feeding the hungry and alleviating poverty and all those shiz urgh i'm choking already. but hey, that's not to say i won't help anyone at all and be a mean jackass, if i come along someone in need i will definitely help (without exposing too much of my powers though). i believe there's still a considerable amount of good in me. hehe

so here's what i'll do, given a week, i'll devise a ONE WEEK WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM for myself and go to the gym! BWAHAHA i'll be having that (late) beach body i've always dreamed of finally!

- i'll run on the treadmill at 15kph non-stop for 1 hour.
- i'll average 150khp at the stationary bike for 1 hour.
- i'll lift crazy weights and focus on improving my major muscle parts (upper back, thighs and fl[abs])
- i'll do sit-ups repetitively until they shape up to a 6 pack (exaggerating haha)
- and of course i'll eat healthy.

that week will be the best pilot to kickstart my dream of living a fit and healthy lifestyle. if i do lose weight on that week (and i know i will!), i'll owe it to myself to maintain that figure. not necessarily exercise ala man of steel but at least continue the program in a (super) scaled down manner, haha. and of course, EAT HEALTHY!!

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