Wear It Your Way with Wacoal

i believe it pays a lot to have a variety of bras that you can wear with any kind of outfit. strapless for tubes, halters for wide necked top, conventional straps for the regular tee, etc. we women like to experiment a lot on clothes and it adds to the wow factor if we're wearing bras that compliment our wardrobe and flatters our.. well ... assets. it takes time to decide which clothes to wear if we're constantly bothered about how to match em with our undies. thankfully, fashion is made easy with Wacoal's newest installment! goys, i'm glad to share that Wacoal has released a new and exciting product that could cater to any of our fashion outtakes!

introducing, the Wacoal Wear it Your Way bra! an extremely versatile bra that you can wear any way you want!

also available in blue!
looks pretty simple right? but behooooold cos you can adjust it in different forms to match whatever top you're wearing. 

1. use it the CONVENTIONAL way with a regular tee and jeans or any casual getup.

From: http://lookbook.nu/hapatime
2. i suggest the CENTER HALTER for tops with a deep plunge and an almost boat neck wide collar.

From: http://lookbook.nu/hapatime
3. go STRAPLESS with this look to avoid redundancy of the thin dress straps

From: http://lookbook.nu/hapatime
See? there's a whoooole lot of outfits to mix and match with the supercool Wear it Your Way bra from Wacoal. And not to worry because in as much as this product is versatile, it's also very durable thanks to Wacoal's undisputed quality standards in producing only the best intimate apparel for women.

So what are you waiting for? Be fun and free with Wacoal's Wear it Your Way bra!


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