the EASIEST way to turn your paypal funds to cash (PH residents only)

nako i'm telling you, you will love this solution specially if you're from the philippines haha
given that you have a verified paypal account already but doesn't want to be bothered by the tedious steps and the loooong wait to get your money at the comfort of your atm account...

i highly recommend, PesoExchanger!!!

it's very simple really, you send your paypal funds to them, and they deposit your funds to your bank account! simple diba?

eto yung service na matagal ko nang hinahanap dahil nag-close na yung EON account ko (inactive haha), tinatamad na ko magopen ng bagong account, magbayad ng 300+ annual fee, 10 pesos withdrawal charge, at maghintay ng halos isang linggo para magcredit yung paypal funds ko sa atm. so i looked around the net kung meron bang tao na nag-ooffer ng ganitong service. and voila! PesoExchanger ranked on the search pages haha

to know more about their services, just go to their website (linked above), or contact them via facebook. mabilis sila magreply and are very professional.

to share my experience ganto yun:

1. thursday morning (may 9) i applied for online verification from their website. this is the first step you need to do in order to request for an exchange. i think they do this mainly to identify you as isang mabuting nilalang na hindi sila lolokohin at legal ang source ng income online. hahaha

2. that morning before lunch, i got scheduled for a verification session on 1:30pm. live pala nila itong ginagawa. what they do is chat with you on facebook, ask you questions, and access your PC via a remote software.

teka wait, ACCESS MY PC?! katakot ba? natakot din ako nung simula bilang alam kong delikado yung remote access. pero you can watch them naman while they surf your PAYPAL account. at pwede mo paring ng gulu-guluhin yung mouse hahaha

teka wiat, THEY WILL OPEN MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT? oo teh. bali ikaw naman-maglologin pero sila yung magb-browse browse. basically jyza (their staff) just ran through my transactions to validate my source of income. and to check if totoo yung pangalan na nasa account ko.

3. after the remote session, she continued to ask me questions about my paypal transactions. although yung iba feeling ko alam naman nya yung sagot kasi nasa details naman nung mga pinagb-bukas nyang page, i thought maybe naninigurado lang din sila. haha

4. after i passed the verification process (which i only need to do once, yeheyy!), i can now proceed to request for an exchange. here you'll tell them na how much you'll send them and the bank account you want your funds sent to. they'll also give you their paypal email address. hehe

5. i gave them my account details and they said na they have to register it first as a 3rd party account. i know this process kaya alam kong legit haha. 1 business day pa ang aabutin so pray pray lang din ako HAHA

6. KINABUKASAN mga 9am ata they told me na ready na yung account ko for transfer so blah blah blah kinakabahan pa ko mag-send ng paypal funds sa kanila.. malay ko ba? madaming beses na kong na-scam eh! anyway, i searched DTI naman and their name appeared so after sending some 3K nagreply naman naman sila agad..

7. after an hour, my money was transferred to my BPI account na!


see that? this is much faster that applying for a new EON altogether... and partida, naka-upo ka lang. hahaha tumayo lang ako nung iwi-withdraw ko na.

thank you PesoExchanger for this awesome experience! till our next deal (pagnagka-project ulit ako haha tumal eh)

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