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to "celebrate" my first year anniversary of working at Smart as a full time software development analyst (aka programmer) let me share to you my thoughts in general about how much i think i've grown, changed, learned... in short, how sad i am. oops kidding. >:P

crucial tong panahon na to para sakin. bakit kamo, kasi i can finally add a year's worth of experience to my resume. and speaking of resumes, andyan yung tempation na mag-resign at maghanap ng ibang trabaho... yung may mas malaking sweldo, mas malapit, at less stressful ang trabaho. tanong, may ganon ba?


considering na i'm only a year old in the industry, ang yabang bang pakinggan kung gusto ko nang magresign?  siguro. pero nas-stress na ko eh. sobra. tipong, as much as i want to Live More as the company slogan says,  commute pa lang papunta at pabalalik, ubos na buhay ko. Live More sa bus at train ang peg ko. kung alam nyo lang kung gano ka-precious ang oras na yan. haha

but that's not all. there's the workload for the most part. adaming trabaho nakakutuwa (not sarcastic haha). seriously, i like having a lot of things to do, but to not know HOW to accomplish them? that's the problem. i'm one year at work and i still feel so incompetent.

infairness andami ko na ngang natutunan eh. this entire year i can vouch for myself that i've learned a lot already. but sad to say, what i've learned is not enough. my java improved a lot! from 0, nasa basic na ko ngayon. oha. LOL.

at this point the only thing holding me back is the salary (+ bonuses!). but that's not to say i'm closing my doors on better opportunities.

i believe there's so much room for growth inside the company. siguro i just have to reposition myself some place where i can be more productive. or maybe i just have to ask myself this question (again and again), do i see myself as a programmer even in the future? eto na ba talaga yung career path na tatahakin ko?

much of the stress i'm feeling right now is caused by my technical incompetence parin talaga. tipong, it's been a year... may nagawa ka na bang bagay na macoconsider kong milestone? argh.

so far, so good? maghihintay na lang ako ng bonus. >:P

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