Smart Freedom Day Sale, or Fail?

writing this kinda hurts. as a smart employee, it's sad having to read so much negative feedback at the recently concluded Smart Freedom Day Sale. but even at that, i can't speak for the company, this is merely my opinion. reading up on articles and comments and everything, i've come to realize that indeed, it was a big big disaster. so many people rushed and lined up to avail of their (well, our) too good to be true handset offers, but i guess not a good fraction was satisfied. most went home pissed and disappointed at having wasted all the money and effort to be among the first to emerge successful at following their freedom, only to be welcomed by an OUT OF STOCK message, less than 30 minutes in line, much worse without a trace that a single handset was actually released within the time frame.

that must have sucked so much.
most have branded it as a scam. big word to bear, but sad to say, i guess i couldn't agree more.

san ka naman nakakita ng sale na nauna ka sa pila tas out of stock agad? patay tayo dyan. partida, first come first served pa raw yan. lol


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