oo na, single ka nga! who cares?

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first of all, Happy Independence Day Pilipinas!

sorry about the harsh title ha but i just have to rant and let this out haha. as far as i can tell, today we're celebrating our national independence day! keyword: national, not personal. lol

and soooo, it kinda frustrates me how some kids are singling themselves out (yet again) in a totally irrelevant celebration of their singlehood (?). i mean okay, i understand the pun intended but seriously, was it really just a pun, or a sly way of inviting? naiirita ako pag napapansin ko eh. haha

there's nothing wrong with being single and looking, but paying tribute to it every day sounds kinda desperate, don't you think? as if not enough people know you're single and hunting, i mean looking pala hehe.

hindi naman ako galit sa mga single na nakiki-independence day no (#medyolang haha), after all naging single rin naman ako. at na-frustrate rin ako. but not to the point that i get reminded of how it sucks to be single eeeevery single occasion on the calendar. #boom

but it's not always like that, there are some who are actually celebrating being single. as in, happy sila! and i totally appreciate it, if anything, i like reading happy feeds online. but come oooon, you don't have to say (or hint!) you're single while (or and) having fun. as if there's a distinction between having the liberty to enjoy with being single or not (highly debatable but you see my point). tingin ko dalawang bagay lang yan eh, either a) may pinaparinggan kang ex. lol ooooor b) [see title]

let me show you my observations of a typical huntsman. naks. ganda ng term ko. lol
sila yung mga, you know, di mo naman gaanong close pero kabisadong kabisado mo yung love life kasi... wala. hehe

new years resolutions list would always include SELF IMPROVEMENT (acceptable? of course! me ganyan din sa list ko eh) pero pag me kadugtong na, "para magka-boyfriend na ko"? ugh. [see title]

happy singles awareness month! this i accept. after all, it's the love month so nauuso naman talaga to. then again, [see title]

happy april fool's day! naalala mo nanaman yung manloloko mong ex kaya ka single ngayon? [see title]

need i say more? [see title]

we all know it's the rainy season! perfect occasion para sa mga nage-emo emohang walang mayaya sa kapehan. outcome? a selfie with a cup of coffee*. hashtag single. hashtag loner. hashtag wannaCome? [see title]

all souls day nanaman, di mo parin nahahanap ang soul mate mo. [see title]

for me december should be more about the family so it annoys me why this is regarded as another february. hehe

and on other months?
they're either so happy or so sad because they're single. either, way [see title]

*na naka-instacollage pa, pag starbucks: isang malaking panel para sa selfie nung kape, tas tatlo para sa selfies nung bumili. pag hindi starbucks: anim na panel ng iisang muka. iisang pose. iba-ibang hue. (pa)cute na (pa)cute.

sorina talaga ha? di ko lang mapigilan. hahaha

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