schweeming bleh

hay ewan ko ba sa araw na to andaming trabaho andaming deadline andaming support! hahaha

anyway, have i told you i've been scouting for public lap pools near ayala ave. makati? so i could get started on my 'project swimming' chuvaness. i'm cutting my fitness first membership because it's super mahal and i'm not using it anyway. huhu

andami kong cinonsider! here's a list,

MASA (Makati Aquatic Sports Arena)
160php for non-makati residents. 30mins-1hr travel time from Ayala ave. via 2 jeepneys.
akala ko malapit lang to anlayo pala, ang mahal pa, and they close at 8pm. huhu

Makati Sports Club
it's the nearest to our office! but lechong kawali, for members, and guests of members lang pala (and also if you're enrolled in their swimming classes).
to become a member, there are many ways. one is to pay a lifetime mem fee of 300k. and pay 1,500 monthly dues. grabe diba? pag member ka na, you can use the pool for 30 pesos only. HAHAHA natawa na lang ako. at naiyak rin.

Makati Shangrila Health and Fitness Club
sorina diba ang yaman ko nga kasi. HAHA
annual membership is 80,000+ pesos, they also have semi-annual, and quarterly modes.the good thing here is that their gym is 24hrs on and their pool is open until 10pm. free and unlimited access to all of those plus their wet area (sauna, jacuzzi, showers.. the usual) and tennis court. they also have 20% discount on other amenities of the hotel. and 1hr free PT session at the gym. oo tumawag ako bat ba.

YMCA Makati
ang chipipay ng comments sa mga forums so i decided to check it out. 80 lang daw eh and according to my friend walking distance lang from the office. sa sobrang tuwa ko dahil sa sobrang mura at lapit nya, pagdating ko dun SARADO NA PALA. as in no more pool area forever! huhu

La Mesa Eco Park 
they have a lap pool! this is located at Fairview malapit samin so i thought okay, kung wala akong makita sa Makati, weekends na lang huhu. kaso super lapit nga, and mahal naman ng pamasahe. dalawang tryke + isang jeep. hay buhay.
50 pesos general admission (40 for QC residents) + 80 pool use = 130 pesos ++ pamasahe. lugi much kahit na twice a week lang. huhu

Ascott Hotel Makati
eto yung nasa gitna ng mga glorietta haha
in fairness mejo reasonable, they emailed me kanina... annual membership is 40k. that includes the same benefits as what Makati shang offers. odiba? pwede na rin! gym + pool na rin naman to in fairness. so lumalabas na mga 3.3k per month. keri ba? takte eh yung one time payment nga na 40k di ko maimagine eh! haha

and finally

Intercontinental Hotel Makati
sa tabi tabi lang ng Ascott. dito ako natuwa. their hotel gym is actually Gold's!!! i inquired and they're offering 25,200 for 1 year unlimited access to all branches. gym + pool na rin to. and this is different from the Gold's in glorietta. hehe and they have a lot of other options as well, like 14,500 for 144 visits for 1yr, 13,500 for 120 visits for 1yr, 12,500 for 96 visits for 1 year, etc etc etc. the usual marketing strats you'd expect from them. haha i kinda like the 12,500 for 96 visits nga eh kasi per visit sya so walang lugi factor...

then i remembered... smart employees have a 70% discount on Gold's! 12k for 13mos. unli access. iyak na ko Lord. answered prayer. >XD

*all amounts and figures mentioned in this post is subject to change. doh hehe

okay, diet details below the cut, feel free to leave!

breakfast: 7:30am
- 2 scrambled eggs with onion
- lettuce, pipino, kamatis salad w/ caesar dip
- 1 glass soy milk
- chauchard tea

lunch: 11:30am
- 120 grams beef steak
- steamed kalabasa
- 1 glass malee vegetable juice
- green tea

snack: 3:30pm
- 40g almonds (grower's almonds hickory bbq flavor)
- 2 blocks dark choco
- green tea

dinner: 7:30pm
- lettuce, pipino, kamatis w/ caesar dip

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