The Sunday Currently (vol. 22)

Haler! As usual, posting this a little over Sunday here hehe.


I started with Me Before You a couple of weeks ago but I was diverted with something more interesting for me, God is Disappointed in You, so I want to finish that first haha. It's a modern retelling of Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation in a style that's disturbingly hilarious, I had to pause and ask myself if it's okay to laugh at Adam and Eve's banishment! Well, it's really the writing style that caught me so I'm putting it first. hehe


Nothing hehe


To this on loop


About the small things I want to buy for our new car like a phone mount, USB chargers, etc. OMG we have a new car! YEYY! Our 15 years old SUV is already showing signs of retirement so the family thought we should replace it already. It was hard, cos we're not really making much as a whole and getting a new car entails expenses here and there but God is good! Yeyy!

Sooooo, I need to learn to drive ASAP. haha


Warm air from the vent


I had pumped the bike tires as early as I knew I had an inflator I can borrow. Could've taken it around earlier! Haha

I adjusted the seats but the lowest setting is still too high for me (arg). It's a pretty cool bike, it has gear shifters I don't know how to use, and a nice frame. <3


Hoodie and pajamas


Coinstar! It's a kiosk where you can cash in your loose change. Recently I learned I can also exchange my coins for eGift cards instead to avoid paying the processing fee of 11% so that's what I'm gonna do! I'm eyeing on more Amazon funds! <3


To buy all the pretty decors and kitchen items at Michael's earlier but figured I don't have enough luxury to ship a FOREX box (aka Balikbayan) LOL.


To convince myself of  a stricter weight loss agenda. Right now I'm just skipping rice but hello potatoes and bagels and pasta and craaaap. My portions didn't change! How do I live with smaller portions?! Aaaargh.


So heavy. HAHA

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