Friday's 10 Happy Things // 1

First time I'm posting with regard to Philippine time (ie. not late) since I came here. Decided to join in this weekly link-up by Helga because I've been getting random bouts of homesickness lately and it saps what little optimism I have in life. Char. Figured it'll be good to sit and think of happy things that transpired this week, no matter how small, to remind myself to thank God for His generosity.

1. Won a pair of shoes from Adidas worth $120

Just by answering a feedback survey from one of their receipts. Holy moley didn't expect to win. A month ago they sent me an email congratulating me for being selected as a "potential winner". Much as I wanted to celebrate the "potential prize" I won that day, I kept my cool and sent my details to see how much potential I had at actually scoring new shoes haha. May have taken a month but yay for potential new kicks lol.

2. JoyC's lemon bars

My housemate makes awesome food so expect our menu to turn up in this list every week lol.

3. Fixed a defect in this blog

In which untitled posts are not being displayed correctly because the function that makes it so is throwing an error because the title is nonexistent. Handled by putting a default title on untitled entries. I suddenly miss bug fixing. Kidding.

4. 23 days til home :)

5. I'm coming home to this

Photo from Awesome in Manila
A super pretty planner by June Digan that I won from Awesome in Manila!

6. And this

This means I have to kayod harder and raket pa more. Plus adult points for getting an extra bill every month, yes? Chos.

7. Biked 2.6kms this afternoon

Which further validated my current state of weakness but is nonetheless a happy thing! How many times I have sweat in the past 4 months I can count with my fingers, so this is definitely a break from my glorious sedentary life.

I was headed home after a mile though, figuring I took the wrong turns and was riding towards a main road. Such cars. Much scare.

8. OTWOL is ending today

I'm so ready to marathon you!!!

9. The background on my leaderboard ad

I love CSS. Isn't it awesome how it offers design solutions without resorting to using an image? Google+ red and LinkedIn blue are such nice shades. Visible on desktop mostly cos I'm hiding it when browser screen falls short of 806px.

10. Finally watched Deadpool

And laughed so hard! Props to Buzfeed Ashly's tiny hand's cameo HAHA

Yeyy! Thank you Lord! Happy Friday goys!

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