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New layout!
Thanks VeeThemes! I'm loving it so far except that it's given me such a pain in the neck customizing the nitty-gritties. I'm 90% done tweaking this layout, all that's left is personalizing the widgets. My biggest issue with this theme (as well as most VeeThemes) was that I couldn't find the article_header section where the post title, comment counts, timestamp, labels, and author is contained.

When I installed this layout I was bothered that the post dates shown on the homepage are timestamps and not actual dates! But theeeeen, it's really just a matter of replacing post.timestamp with post.dateHeader somewhere in the codebase. After crossing my eyes enough trying to find the darned section, I realized that the tags are not explicitly visible in the XML code. I had to scour all instances of the timestamp before giving up and deciding to just change my timestamp format to a date format via Blogger Settings. It's the easiest fix but it beats the purpose of having a timestamp tag, and that irks me to hell!

On top of the timestamp issue, Blogger-Disqus integration is still on the rocks with their syncing situation, that is, the comments count on the homepage is displaying the wrong number - it's showing Blogger comments count instead of Disqus comments count. This small misunderstanding about which count to show could easily be remedied by replacing post.numComments with Disqus' proprietary identifier (post.url + #disqus_thread) but then again, the counter is housed on the missing article_header and it freaking took me two days and numerous scripting attempts to finally have the counter appear where I want it to, with the right number.

My attempts at pacifying my layout OCD resurrected the web developer in me, revisiting jQuery and learning b-tags like hell. It's only when I mess with my layout that I get in touch with the inner web designer in me (says someone who can't create her own themes :P).

Hope you guys are doing well and hope you like this layout too! :D

Bugs in my layout!!! Aaaaaarghhh

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