[Windows 10] How to remove live tiles from the start menu

A lot of people griped about how drastically the start menu changed on Windows 8 with the introduction of live tiles. Thankfully, Microsoft listened and tried to improve user experience by bringing back the old Windows7-esque start menu on Windows 10, but not without sitting out live tiles completely.

As you may have noticed, the start menu still has live tiles integrated on to it, with two subsections "Play and Explore" and "Life at a Glance". Now if you want to remove those, plus all of the tiles entirely... here's how:

1. Right-click on the tile and select 'Unpin from Start'.
2. Do the same for all the tiles you want removed. It will take time, but that's about the easiest way to do it haha!

3. Re-size your start menu by hovering on the sides and adjusting the width or height. 

And voila! Here's a view of my totally clean and tile-free start menu! :D

Hope this helps! :)

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