"can i open this?"

yesterday i met with an ebay buyer at sm north the block. after the transaction, i went to fully booked to check for gifts for my baby this tuesday (bts christmas party at ding's). i was looking at the journals section when i heard someone say, "can i open this?" in quite a high pitched voice. i looked at her and instantly turned around and walked out of the store in fright. it was someone from highschool. someone i didn't want to see... me looking like... a girl. argh. i knew i looked okay, i knew i looked good! i just took a bath when i came there! lol but i was wearing a mini dress and a black jacket and i have eyeliner on too. i could've faced her in denims for some reason. hahaha i dunno but i didn't want people from highschool seeing me like that. like so much has changed. like i actually bloomed hahahaha. she wasn't even a close friend, she was part of what i would favorably call the mean girls faction at school. too engrossed in make-up and too busy criticizing people's faces. i dunno if she has changed. i couldn't care less? i was headed to the main building when i realized that she sounded different so i could be wrong. and i don't think she's into books either but of course, i saw her at the journals table so she could be a journal or planner person. uhm. hahaha. so i went back to check for real. and believe me, i was mentally laughing at myself. why the hell am i hiding from my higschool-mate?! but i really want to check out the journals so i took some courage to come back at the table. i took a glance at her and it was really her. though i was just looking at her left side and it was only a quick glance. it made me want to leave immediately again. hahahaha ewan. but her voice was really different, her voice was paosin eh not that trying hard high pitched a-list konyo voice. hahahaha

i don't know why things like this bother me. people change! she could be a saint now for all i know. college may have molded her into a kind and appreciative high-pitched angel. i shouldn't be worrying right? i'm entitled to change too! to wear dresses and make-up and all? HAHAHA ang arte arte lang hahahahah


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