10 minutes to go before we sign off for today's duty! i'm so excited to get over my OJT (read: STIPEND!) hahahaha real vacation for me starts on the 27th! >XD can't wait!

yesterday , i bought a lot of snacks... a pack of rebisco crackers (my favorite plain crackers!!!), a pack of sunflower pizza flavored crackers (trial mode!) and a pack of lemon square cheescake cupcakes. i dunno why but i thought i could use them for my eat-often-but-in-small-portions-diet i'm officially starting as soon as i receive this fat burning diet capsules from Nutrex called Lipo 6 Black Hers. HAHAHAHA Dear Lord, i may have posted my plans here so i'm putting a prayer to break off the jinx. >XD

countdown to 1 minute. i will be shutting down this pc now. >:D

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