so freaking much to do in the house!

helper-less for almost a week now. my parents have work, terai has classes (which just ended yesterday so yehey!!!) so i'm kinda left to tend to the entire house. i don't like house chores, and i know everybody does. i don't like washing the dishes and doing the laundry because i'm allergic to the smell of detergent. i don't like cleaning the house because i'm allergic to dust. i don't hate cooking but i don't like preparing the ingredients and cleaning the mess afterwards. hahahaha i hate house chores, but not really in a spoiled brat kind of way. and i'm not really complaining hahaha ang arte arte e no. >:P it's part of life! one day i'm gonna be doing all these out of good will and pure concern for the household. right now i'm just being a good daughter by obeying my mother. >:)

andamidamidamidamidamidami talagang kelangan gawin! >XO


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