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high on toffee nut mocha latte!

one of the few times i'm actually looking forward TO STUDY! as in bend my head over my notes and meditate on them! however! with the way i'm blogging right now, i don't think i'm starting in a few! hehehe

anyhow, my thoughts on impeaching chief justice corona:

the media is crazy over this politics blah! and it's because of this that i learned to understand PNoy more, and his rather "low" productivity rating. you see, i hear a lot of people complaining that our president isn't doing anything about our slumping economy, or that ever since he sat down, nothing has changed, and that the best he can do to reduce the number of poor people in the country is to lower the poverty threshold. hahaha

when my parents heard the news about the impeachment thing, they were so happy! i couldn't see what's to be so happy about it but i realized, heyyyy it's big news aright and while i believe that there are other news out there that deserve as much public spectacle and sensationalism as such, news like this is pretty encouraging for us! his impeachment would mean one less evil official in the government and that's already a milestone for the Philippines. considering that you have to put your life on the line if you ever wanted to purge the government of corrupt people.

whenever i pass by articles and comments telling that PNOY isn't doing what a president ought to do, which is yknow focus dead on on the pressing economic issues our country's suffering from, and that all he ever did since the day he sat on the throne is chase gloria like crazy... i see it this way... he's just doing what's right for someone who just moved in to a new office! imagine tryna work on a desk that was left dirty by the one who used it before you, will you not clean it up before starting your work? no one wants to work on a desk full of clutter. roight?

so there, our president probably hasn't started "working" yet because he's still busy cleaning up his new desk. it's not even supposed to be given to him that way, but yeah, props to the previous admin. >;)

k. i kinda need to study now haha


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