last night, my parents invited the homebuilder's ministry from church (where they're part of) to bless our house cos we're finally out of debt (for the house at least haha)! yehey! what they did after a short sermon was bless each part of the house with olive oil and blah blah blah so they went to all parts of our house then suddenly some the members felt chills at the rooftop so we prayed over it and arg i really don't know what's wrong but it was scary cos 3 of them felt err bad vibrations and pastor mike felt goosebumps too. we ended up surrendering suspicious items for inspection. by suspicious i mean occult looking stuff and blah.

items raided were:
1. pyramid hat - daddy bought this from ernie baron's store years back and told us to wear it every time we study cos it helps. lol idek know why, it's uncomfortable on the head. it has been stored upstairs for years too. hehe
2. pikachu pen holder - because pikachu is a symbol of the devil and all and yeah, it's a pocket monster. haha
3. quantum pendant - see? i told you i didn't want this piece of jewelry on my neck! but since my parents told me to wear it everyday cos there's nothing to lose anyway, i went for it out obedience lol. but lookitdaaat, it could be a stronghold of evil spirits at it makes you think you'd be stronger wearing it and blaaaah. bro. something (sry, i forgot his name) hammered it and it shattered to pieced, he got a headache and a super bad vibration. salfkhasldsalj scary scary night. then we prayed over him.

blah blah blah

4. most of our excel stuff (scalar energy stuff) got raided too. that's 10,000++ "lost" already.
5. paintings with chinese symbols and patterns on it.
6. essence oil burner with a bagua and yinyang symbol on it.

i don't know what else is in this house that we could destroy to prevent the evil from getting in or something. minsan nga naisip ko if they're being too paranoid. putting meaning on everything they see, but err, it's totally okay for me. hahahaha >:)

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