Career Quest 2011

my batchmates and i spent the whole day nose bleeding tryna get signatures off of 8 BPO companies for the sake of our ADEPT grade. apparently, the school invited 8 call center companies to conduct their recruitment process at school, with us being their applicants of course. and yeah, we had to be interviewed by all of them so we could get their precious sigs on this precious sheet of paper that would complete our 10 blasted days of ADEPT training! >XD

the companies who came were...

Sykes Asia
Aegis People Support****
IBM Daksh

it was a really really fun experience! i enjoyed being interviewed! yeah srsly, it's in these type of companies that i'm like 90% confident i'll get in because i only have to show off my english skills, not that i have an exemplary one but it's cool to be one of those regarded to have above average comm skills. hahaha this is one of the few days i'm actually proud of myself and extremely thankful to God cos i'm like, 'wew. it's cool to know that i won't be having a hard time looking for a job!'

but uhm, hmmmm. speaking of working in BPO's

working for a BPO company is fine. but i was reluctant with the idea of requiring us students to go through the application process FOR THE SAKE OF OUR GRADES. i mean, i completely understand the purpose of the activity and i know it's all for good. but i think even the HR reps of these companies were aware of why they were here and just probably came to (by order of importance):

1. help us put what we've learned with AdEPT into practice by engaging us in mock interviews. after all, they're BPAP members (if i'm not mistaken)
2. collect resumes for their resume banks
3. actually look for future employees

hahaha sorry but i don't think they're really gonna wait for us to graduate, THEN CALL US. hahaha

anyhow, with regards to my expectations with call centers, the only thing that excites me about it (next to the salary) is the english training! i'm a frustrated writer and yknow how i always want to better my english and blaaaah so yeah.

 **** my favorite stop cos the interviewer was pretty and engaging and asking stuff not just to check out my english. it seemed like she was interested with what i have to say (me thinks so). or maybe i just enjoyed it a lot cos i get to talk about my favorite book hahaha. she's unlike those with generic questions and generic follow-ups and generic responses and blaaah whose sole purpose is to measure your mastery of the spoken english language and blaaaahhh hehehehe

so yeah yeah, i had fun hehehe

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