oh wow

i  missed reading fanfics! this afternoon i was suddenly reminded that if i was too lazy to grab a real book, i could get my dose of words via reading fanfics. hahahaha >XD and i am right now! >XD yehey! yehey! for awhile i thought about resurrecting my long lost writing track at ff.net cos i have two years-unupdated considered-dead fics but i figured, i would be sinning writing M-rated stuff, and much more having 2 guys in it.

segway! terai just brought in a box of First Baker sylvannas. i was hyped up about it but errr, not as good as Red Ribbon's >;D

so there. it never fails to flatter me checking my profile and seeing the huge number of people who reviewed my works. waley lang! >XD hihihihihi but then, not enough for me to go back writing err stuff. like. that. haha

ETA: my stories have more traffic than this blog. lol >X))

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