i dunno if it was a nightmare or something but as soon as i lay down to sleep last night at around 4.30am, i immediately got super groggy and the noise around me became unpleasant. the sound of the ruffling leaves and the grass and dried leaves being stepped on became points of paranoia to me. i suddenly trembled with fear, there was a man trying to get on my window with a gun and i could sense it. grabe yung trauma. the first thing i thought was to get up and rescue terai from the other room, thinking that the bad guy would want to assault her too but dammit my limbs were glued to the bed. srsly. i was too scared to get up. i tried to wake up by opening my eyes but the atmosphere didn't change, it's as if the guy is still waiting for a chance to kill me. i wanted to run to terai's room and sleep there but my fear tied me down my bed. >:'( my prayers didn't work either. it's none of those dreams where you know it's from a bad spirit because any attempt to mention Jesus' name would render you speechless, you know they were trying to stop you from calling God for help. but this one is too different, i say 'in Jesus' name' and was surprised to have said it too easily, like no evil force is restraining me to do it. super scary. >:'(

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