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wow, i never realized i'd be earning this much for a single article! well it may not be that big for but for a 300 word article, 20 bucks exceeded by expectations. compared to my previous writing project at odesk which pays 30 bucks for 3 articles with 500 words each + 3 rewrites for each of that article with 300 words each... this is definitely a big step up! whew.

this is crazy cool haha now i regret declining the previous writing offers from SR, hay. anyhow this is just in time... why do i have a feeling i'm reaping so much blessings this month because it's my month (if you know what i mean hihi). yeheyy! thank you so much Lord! >XD

for bloggers out there who are willing to post sponsored content on their sites, feel free to check out Sponsored Reviews.

This is how it works;
- first you create an account and register your blog and wait for it to get approved
- there are two ways to get a writing project:

1. BY BIDDING: head on to the "Find Advertisers" page for a list of active projects

if you'd like to take a certain writing assignment, you have to place a bid (by clicking on the BID link) on it and indicate the amount you want to get paid for the article. the advertiser will review your bid and decide whether he'll get you or not.

when i started at SR, i bid on a lot of assignments but none of them got approved... or at least none yet. but considering the length of time i've waited, it's safe to say my bids have already been ignored. haha

2. WHEN AN ADVERTISER PURCHASES A POST ON YOUR BLOG: sometimes you'll get an email like this...
just respond to it, do the assignment, and submit the URL of the finished article to the link provided in the email. after the deadline, they'll process your payment and tada! moolaaahh $$$

that's how i got my first earning at sponsored reviews. yeheyy! >XD

from now on i won't ignore a writing opportunity online (when the price is right haha).

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